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We are MediCOMM

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Unlock your brand's potential with MediCOMM's expert marketing solutions


MediCOMM helps businesses develop brands and design appropriate marketing solutions

At MediCOMM, we focus on finding the right solution for each customer. We provide service packages from basic to advanced, tailored to the needs and budget of our customers. With omnichannel marketing solutions, MediCOMM can help businesses grow and reach new heights of success. With a young, dynamic and creative team, MediCOMM will accompany to find the best branding and marketing solutions for businesses.

The board of Directors

Hao Ha


Ban giám đốc Medicomm JSC President Mrs Hao Ha
Ban giám đốc Medicomm JSC Director-Ms-Uyen

Uyen Pham


Phuong Dinh


Ban giám đốc Medicomm JSC COO Mrs.Phuong COO

Minh Pham

​Sale & Event Director

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The member of MediCOMM

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